Who We Serve

Helping pharmacists in every industry turn a profit.

From the very beginning, Samuels Products has been dedicated to helping our customers stay ahead of the game. No matter what type of independent pharmacy you operate, we’re ready to assist. 

    Independent Pharmacies

    Find all of the branding materials you need to stand out and serve your customers. We’re happy to supply you with a varied range of high-quality products so you can focus on filling prescriptions and being with your customers.

    Mail Order / Closed Door Pharmacies

    Operate your pharmacy remotely? No problem. We’ll make sure you have what you need for shipping, processing, and more. Whether you need bubble bags or mailing labels and printer supplies, we’ve got you covered. 

    Nursing Homes

    Our team is here to make a pharmacy specializing in elder care as efficient as possible. From clear custom branding and labeling materials to easy-to-use caps and vials, we’ll get you the specific tools you need.

    Public Health Agencies

    As your team works to serve your community, we’re proud to serve you! We carry a wide range of products, from high-quality custom branding materials to vials, caps, and bags, that are perfectly-suited to help you make sure your processes are efficient and effective.


    Pharmacies that serve hospitals require a vast, varied range of products to support the healthcare needs of a large community (including vials, caps, bags, and high-quality labels). In-house hospital pharmacies can meet all their packaging needs right here.


    We provide the packaging products you need to care for man’s best friends. From specifically-designed vials and bags to labels that make it clear that your products are meant for pets, you’ll find high-quality materials for your practice right here.


    Our company is proud to provide yours with all of the packaging supplies you need. Promotional products, printer supplies, custom labels and high-quality bags, you name it: If you require it to support your business, we’re happy to get you what you need.