Standard Multi-med Blister Cards increase medication compliance and reduces confusion for patients taking multiple medications throughout the day. Large blister capacity allows for the packaging of multiple medications. They are perfect for those that need a little help with their medications. 

SureMed™ by Omnicell®

Standard Multi-med Blister Cards

NameStock#Case QtyBlistersCase PriceBuyhf:att:pa_size
31 Day Tri Fold Heat Seal Card530110$97.00
31 Day Tri Fold Heat Seal Calendar530111$97.00
7x4 Weekly Tri Fold Heat Seal Card530121$99.00
31 Day Bi Fold Heat Seal Card530017$99.00
31 Day Tri Fold Cold Seal Card530117$99.00
7x4 Weekly Tri Fold Cold Seal Card530125$140.00
7x4 Weekly Tri Fold Cold Seal Card530156$160.00

Standard Multi-Med Blisters

NameStock#Case packBlistersCase PriceBuyhf:att:pa_size
Extra Deep Weekly Tri Fold Blisters520056$45.00
Standard 31 Day520019$110.00
Standard 7x4 Weekly520046$45.00
Std 31 Day Tri Fold (250/CS)520410$45.00