Samuels Products offers an integrated line of pharmacy accessories to ensure maximum packaging flexibility. Whether it’s paddles, cork trays, rollers or dispensing boxes, we have all the packaging accessories you need. 

NameStock#Case QtyCase PriceBuyhf:att:pa_size
Unit Dose Dispensing Box50000$63.40
30/31/32 Dose 2-Up Paddle565132$70.00
30 Count Mini 4-Up Paddle565137$75.00
60/62 Dose 2-Up Paddle565162$70.00
90 Dose 2-Up Paddle565192$80.00
30/31/32 Dose Cork Tray565530$40.00
60/62 Dose Cork Tray565560$40.00
90 Dose Cork Tray565590$40.00
31 Count Tri-fold Foam Template565731$7.00
Roller for Card SealingP3050$11.50
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