Unit Dose Pill Cards



Heat Seal cards come in a variety of formats that will meet your specific packaging needs. Our heat seal cards require a heat sealer machine. Samuels line of pill cards include, 30,31, 32, 60 and 90 day cards, C-II cards, and weekly cards. Inquire about custom printed cards (minimum quantities apply)




Cold Seal cards are the quick and efficient alternative to heat seal cards. Whether you have a large pharmacy operation or simply need to fill only a small number of prescriptions, cold seal pill cards are an excellent option because they don't require a heat sealer machine. Simply fill the blisters, remove the protective liner, fold and seal.




Standard blisters are may of quality materials and come in several layouts and sizes to meet your needs. Choose from 30, 31, 32, 60 and 90 counts. Four different sizes and two colors.





One Piece cards are made of the same quality materials as our standard two piece products; but they come already assembled. No need to look for the matching blister, it's there! All you have to do is fill the blister and seal for a much more efficient operation.



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